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About Seth Armstrong

The foundations of Seth Armstrong’s urban landscape paintings, the ground upon which his folk-infused hyperrealism and Hudson River School charisma are composed and layered, is the influence of the Dutch Masters whose work he studied during the formative years of his career. From that art historical legacy Armstrong has derived a primordial fascination with the affecting emotional quality of warm and cold light and complex shadows, and with how to render the tactile quality of luminosity with the tools of a painter. It’s the Dutch Renaissance that explains his particular love for the so-called Magic Hour, though it is a Southern California hallmark. His accomplishments as a colorist also derive from this influence, informing his technique of underpainting which imparts his scenes with a perceptible glow verging on the light-box in intensity, that can beckon the eye from across a room even at the smallest scale, or seem to illuminate architecture, lamp-like, when large.

Excerpt: Shana Nys Dambrot / Huffington Post 2017

After building an impressive body of work in Oakland, Armstrong moved back home to Los Angeles, where his creative output and visual style has blossomed exponentially.

His paintings have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe in venues including Fort Wayne Museum of Art. He has also been featured in international art fairs such as SCOPE and the LA Art Fair.

Seth Armstrong Education

BFA from California College of Arts

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Available Work

Seth Armstrong, Hillside
oil on paper adhered to panel 24 x 18CLICK FOR INQUIRY
Seth Armstrong, June
oil on canvas, 32 x 48CLICK FOR INQUIRY
Seth Armstrong, Kentucky Springs Canyon
Kentucky Springs Canyon
oil on canvas, 30 x 40CLICK FOR INQUIRY

Archive: Sold

Seth Armstrong, Pink
oil on panel, 12 x 16
Seth Armstrong, Kentucky Springs Canyon
The Divide
oil on canvas, 20 x 16