• Francis Di Fronzo - The Earth's Sharp Edge, Part 4
  • Francis Di Fronzo - The Earth's Sharp Edge, Part 4
  • Lee Price
  • Francis Di Fronzo
  • New Location
  • Victor Wang
  • Nicholas Herrera
  • Nicholas Herrera
  • New Location
  • Daniel Sprick
  • Lynn Boggess
  • Louisa Mcelwain
  • Pamela Wilson
  • Kent Williams
  • Javier Marin
  • Steve Huston
  • Jorge Santos
  • Alice Leora Briggs
  • Sean Cheetham
  • Christyl Boger

A Santa Fe art gallery located at 550 South Guadalupe Street Santa Fe, NM 87501, EVOKE Contemporary invites you to experience the creative spirit of Santa Fe art galleries in the Railyard Arts District with a riveting line up of events, gallery openings and exhibitions. The focus of this Santa Fe art gallery is to showcase provocative, contemporary and compelling art of international acclaim. All events open on the Last Friday of each month along with the celebrated Last Friday Art Walks in the Railyard Arts District. Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and steeped in rich New Mexican heritage, EVOKE Contemporary and the Railyard Arts District has grown and evolved to becoming one of the most prestigious art destinations for art collectors worldwide.